Grace Almera is an autodidact fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Denmark.

Her photography style is best described as "emotional" and "atmospheric". She loves creating dreamy images that appear to resemble paintings and spice it up with alternative fashion clothing and accessories. Her style consists of themes that strongly reflects her personal thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, she enjoys meeting new people and collaborating with different creatives around the world.

"I imagine different realities and create stories and characters in my head that I simply must photograph. I would often try to imagine how this character would look like and what elements I need in order to create a certain image. Sometimes a complete image would flash in my head for a split second and I would try my best to re-create it as soon as I can."


Publications and Features:
Gilded Magazine
Cynical Fashion Magazine
beau NU Magazine
Surreal Beauty Magazine
The Magical Times Magazine
Dreamingless Magazine
Kaɪ'oʊti Magazine
Gothic and Amazing
Like A Lion Magazine
Dark Beauty Magazine
The Imaginarium
Inspades Magazine